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Posted by rheo 
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June 17, 2004 12:07AM

Phorum seems very proud of it's multi-level folder ability. Something rightly claimed is not supported by most other Forum systems.

This subscription Idea would allow Phorum installations to create many forums.. (why else would you need all those folders anyway) and actually be able to find yourself around the structure easily as a regular user.

You would simply subscribe to the forums you are interested in following so essentially you have 2 modes for viewing the index.

Subscribed Forums or All Forums.

This would allow communities to grow their forums to maybe include hundreds of topics all nicely organized in Phorum's superior folder system. even if the many people where not interested in many they could still follow the ones they were without having to dig.

This combined with a View that let you see all the latest posts in your subscribed forums (or all forums) in one list would also be of great benefit to this end.

just an idea to see if anyone out there has thought of modding to do this..
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