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Request: Poll Module

Posted by Steve Healy 
Request: Poll Module
June 04, 2004 06:24PM
I'd like to see a module for adding polls to topics.

I see that there are a lot of poll scripts out there already, but it would be nice if one could be integrated with Phorum, so that you could limit responses to registered members and prevent duplicate responses. (as well as associating them with a topic)

Has anyone worked on this?
Re: Request: Poll Module
June 04, 2004 08:00PM
That's a great idea!

What about if you use PostNuke, and you have polls on that, any way to integrate them, maybe?
Re: Request: Poll Module
June 05, 2004 01:17PM
Should I make it a bit more interesting to do such a mod (or even hack) ?

I would offer some US-$ to the one making a real good poll-module.

Some features I would see as required:
- vote for anonymous and registered users (selectable on poll creation)
- for anonymous voters vote-limiting using cookies
- for registered voters vote-limiting using the user-data
- integrated in the post-form, could use DOM/JS to show elements, i.e. for adding more poll-options
- using NO external tables, just phorum-tables and the internal db-functions :)

Thomas Seifert
Phorum Development Team /
Custom Phorum and general software development
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Re: Request: Poll Module
June 10, 2004 06:35AM

for me the ultimate poll would allow everyone to see what all the other registered voters have voted.

also the ability for registered voters to change their vote as time goes on.

would make a great consensus reaching tool.
Re: Request: Poll Module
July 27, 2004 08:12AM
I've posted a poll module here:


It doesn't handle anonymous voting, so I guess I won't be getting a cheque from Thomas. :-) Hope you can make use of it.
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