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Anyone like to try and make Float-to-Top in threaded view hack?

Posted by Ryan 
Anyone like to try and make Float-to-Top in threaded view hack?
March 19, 2004 05:42PM
Would anyone like to try their hand into making a hack for sorting the expanded threads through list.php?

When "List Threads Expanded" is chosen, threads that have been posted to do not float to the top. says in documentation "* Float-to-top in threaded view is not supported and will not be supported."

I know Phorum said 5 wouldn't support it, but recently added-to posts not floating to the top looks confusing when you're searching for new changes.

I think maybe a lot of people out there might agree with me, maybe not. I posted something about this on the Phorum 5 board, they told me to check the Hacks, and seeing as it wasn't there, I thought I'd write open invitation, in case any enjoy trying their hand at hacks. Thank you.
March 23, 2004 09:52PM
I was sent this by a member of the boards I use:

Nephlima [3:49 PM]: Vote vote!
EvilOzzy [3:49 PM]: I did
EvilOzzy [3:49 PM]: And told..the only other member online on my b/l at the vote
Nephlima [3:49 PM]: Oh blah, it didn't move to the top. Stupid boards.

Float to top when all the threads are spread out is a very very handy tool.
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