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Module request - Is there any way for users to block PM's from other individual users?

Posted by stargazer77 
We're seeing a situation where users are taking heated discussions to PM's and harassing others. We don't want to have to ban users over this. It would be better to have a feature where individual users can block incoming PM's from other specific individual users.

I'd be willing to assist in the development of this with testing and functionality suggestions, but I wouldn't be able to fully code this as I don't have that level of coding skills. I can often tweak existing code, but I wouldn't be able to develop this from scratch.
Re: Module request - Is there any way for users to block PM's from other individual users?
September 25, 2020 11:47PM
go here, []

search the page for buddies []
search the page for friends []
I had already looked on that page and didn't find anything meeting my needs. That's why I came here to initiate a request to see if we can do anything to make this happen.

The ignore user module is the closest thing I could find, but it doesn't apply to PMs.,128240,128240#msg-128240

I'm not sure how the buddies or friends systems work. I've never used those. Is there a way to accomplish blocking PM's from specific individuals using those? If so, can you give me a brief explanation as to how it works to do this? I've read the descriptions of those modules and it doesn't sound like they would accomplish what we're looking for. But it could be that I'm missing functionality that is present that would do this.

What we'd want is for the default to be to allow all PM's through as usual, but to give users the option to "block this sender" from within a PM as they read it, which will then apply this block permanently to all future PM's sent by that sender. There would need to be a setting somewhere to allow for users to see a list of senders they have blocked that allows them to unblock people they previously blocked too to allow for cases where heated situations get resolved later.

And then to put a cherry on top, additional functionality that would not be necessary, but would be sweet is to allow users to craft individual block messages that get sent back to each user that tries to send PM's to them after being blocked. Blocked user #1 sends a PM, gets blocked and gets the auto-response individually written by the user to target that specific blocked user - for example "Your message to User has been blocked. User has designated you as a doody-head, so nyah!". But then another auto-response message for another blocked user could read "Your message to User has been blocked. User will unblock you if you apologize on the board for _____" Again, only the blocking itself with a simple auto-response would be necessary. I'm just giving an idea for a cool more advanced feature that could be added if anyone is inclined to code a module to accomplish this.
Re: Module request - Is there any way for users to block PM's from other individual users?
September 26, 2020 01:59AM
I haven't looked at those modules, however...

You were looking for a starting point, so based on what they are supposed to do I thought one or both might be modifiable, or combining parts of both may get you somewhere.
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