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embed_images file size conundrum

Posted by spittendrigh 
embed_images file size conundrum
June 27, 2014 03:13PM
With embed_images on my installation (most) image uploads result in an error message saying no image can be larger than 614.4kb. General case uploads for my apache web server can be much larger (upload_max_filesize in php.ini)

admin.php => mods => embed_images => settings has a setting for "maximum width for showing" that seems to have no effect, regardless set to 0 or some large pixel number.

find ./phorum -name "*php" | xargs -i grep -H 614 {} ... finds no sources with 614 in the php file

find ./phorum -type f | xargs -i grep -H 614 {} 2>/dev/null turned up no regular file of any kind containing 614 either

If the 614.4kb upload size limit isn't set by the web server where and how is it being enforced? How do I allow uploading larger image files? 614.4 is not a reasonable file size limit anymore.

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Re: embed_images file size conundrum
June 27, 2014 06:25PM
Ah. Maybe this is a mysql data blob size limitation. I'll just have to educate the use photobucket or what ever. Nobody has images that small anymore. And most of my forum participants are boat builders who don't know how to resize images.

If so embed_images should get smart and accept any upload size (limited only by the web server) and then resize as needed, on the fly--before insert into phorum.whatever. I do that with my own home rolled upload to a content management system stuff.

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Re: embed_images file size conundrum
June 27, 2014 07:57PM
That has nothing to do with embed_images, its general attachment uploading in phorum.
I think in the system sanity checks this is also explained - its the max packet size from mysql how its configured. see also this description from Maurice [] .

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Re: embed_images file size conundrum
June 27, 2014 08:20PM
I see Thomas answered, however I will throw this into the mix.

614k is reasonable if you are storing a few images in the database. I now have about 500 MB of images, about 4 times larger than the rest of the forum. Doing a backup using a web interface times out.

You aren't going to find 614k in any of the files. The Phorum developers give you a file size that should succeed. This is due to the limit actually being larger. The discrepancy is in the bits of encoding and overhead required to transfer a file, which makes the file the host sees larger. At a guess you are looking for 1024.

In php see...

There is a limit in php, mysql, and phorum. All must be large enough. Don't know about apache. If any are too small, the upload fails.

create a file.php with the following, and run it from a browser
Language: PHP
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

In php see...

In phorum, the size may be set in several places.
Admin\Global Settings... General Settings\ User Settings
Admin\Forums... Default Settings\ Attachment Settings
--- Same per forum if customised

For additional help see
Admin\Maintenance... System Sanity Checks ... File uploading (personal files and attachments) [If it is not OK, click on the help icon]
... Otherwise increase the limits in Phorum, and do the sanity checks again, clicking on the help icon.

In mySQL there is a limit... max_allowed_packet = It is set in my.ini if you need larger than the default ? (which may not show in phpinfo). Hunt here only if you don't find a problem with php.
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