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Soundcloud embedding

Posted by kswift 
Soundcloud embedding
January 30, 2014 10:14AM
Has anyone recently been able to get Soundcloud embedding working on a Phorum?
I realize there's been a thread about this but the last post is from 2011, maybe there has been a breakthrough :)

Then again Phorum itself is also almost an adult right? Our site has been running Phorum since 2000 or so if I remember well and it's still being used today.
Re: Soundcloud embedding
August 25, 2014 04:15PM
I gotta bump this as it has fallen off the radar and it's really way out of date to not have this. I started this topic years ago. Others have asked for this simple feature now and it still goes unanswered. To put it bluntly, not having this makes my music forum archaic since every other forum software has it.

I have a music forum and I none of my users can do a simple soundcloud or mixcloud embedding. I used to have an elaborate workaround for these sites but they have since stopped working as well.

I've tried work-arounds which are too difficult for my users and now even they don't work. And EVERY OTHER FORUM software has the simple [soundcloud][/soundcloud] BBCode. It's definitely time to get these basic necessities functioning guys. On this blog post they called my forum a "Lo-Fi" forum all because of lack of basic embedding compatibility. Please tell me it's at least on the horizon for the next Phorum update! I'm afraid if there is not going to be anyone adding this mod I will probably just have to abandon this otherwise fantastic forum software.

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