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Flat or Hybrid with Tree?

Posted by medialogix 
Flat or Hybrid with Tree?
August 08, 2013 03:32PM
Hi @ll,

since this is my first posting in this forum, i'd like to express my respect and thanx to the dev-team and all (mod) contributors!

I've been running forums since middle of the Nineties, and it was always the "fully threaded view" that made the difference. My oldest forum needs a facelifting and after intense comparison, i choose Phorum as a starting base because of the three viewing styles offered.
What i need now, is a hint into what direction to look, to have a tree - as in Threaded View - also on the Flat or Hybrid style Views. I'd like to display the first posting, then the tree-structure, and then all follow-up postings on the read page.

I guess, this could be accomplished by calling the LOOP MESSAGES loop twice ...?

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany,
Re: Flat or Hybrid with Tree?
August 09, 2013 09:56PM
I'd go for the hybrid view as the flat view only has the current page as data available. But building a nice tree outside of the regular logic might be quite some effort :(

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