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Upgrade: phorum-3.2.11 to 5.0.21

Posted by kfarmer 
Upgrade: phorum-3.2.11 to 5.0.21
December 05, 2005 02:43PM
Needing to upgrade from 3.2.11 to 5.0.21.

Is this upgrade possible as far as jumping from one version to another? Any advice? I'm willing to pay $$$ for assistance. These forums are years old and losing the data isn't an option.

I need to do something quickly, getting slammed by automated scripts posting gambling and pharmaceutical messages.

Thanks in advance,

kfarmer [at]
Re: Upgrade: phorum-3.2.11 to 5.0.21
December 05, 2005 03:38PM
it should work even though we only directly support upgrading from 3.4.x.
you could just try an upgrade to phorum5 directly ... it won't do any harm as its only reading the data from the old tables and imports them in the new ones.
it doesn't modify the old tables at all.
make sure to read the upgrade-docs closely.

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Re: Upgrade: phorum-3.2.11 to 5.0.21
December 05, 2005 03:52PM
If you have attachments to convert, there will be a problem with a direct conversion. There was an additions of an _attachment table between the 3.2 and 3.4 versions.
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