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Pb Cookies with 2 hosted location

Posted by victoria 
Pb Cookies with 2 hosted location
November 23, 2005 11:09AM
I have a problem to mark readed messages.

And it's hapenned because my phorum is hosted on a location different from the site to which it refers.

For exemple, my site is at and my forum at (not true URL, juste exemples)

I want to open my forum in a frame of a many-frame window on the main site I have allowed Cookies, but if I want to Mark All Read, it doesn't work, it doesn't created a cookies.

If I open my forum directly in now, it manages the cookies and It can mark "All Read".

I suppose, the problem is du to the different location, is there a solution to this configuration

Many tkanks for your help
Re: Pb Cookies with 2 hosted location
November 23, 2005 11:11AM
Sorry, I have forgeten, my Phorum version is 3.4.8a
Re: Pb Cookies with 2 hosted location
November 24, 2005 11:53AM
thats probably a problem with internet explorer which sees pages in a frame from different domain as 3rd party domains which needs some special settings in the security settings of the internet explorer.
you could search for p3p in combination with internet explorer.

you might consider using phorum5 which doesn't store the newflags in cookies anymore but for the user-login you need to get cookies to work either.

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