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Pre-install questions

Posted by Oak 
Pre-install questions
July 14, 2005 02:00PM

I just found the Phorum and I'd like to get answers to some quick questions and some spicy :-).

1) Could the Phorum be implemented into existing web-site-layout? I.e. could I include "list", "read", "add", etc. pages/forms to my existing web-sites using PHP include function?

2) What's the size (approx. - i.e. 100 kb or 5MB) of sources after instalaltion to server?

3) How many (approx. - i.e. 5 or 50) tables it uses in MySQL?

4) Is possible to set language "on-the-way" (because user had selected it previously on my web-site), i.e. to supply a variable ' $language_version = "eng" ' before the files of the phorum will be included into main frame?

5) Is possible to set user "on-the-way" (because he's logged-in already)? I.e. to supply ' $user = "looser"?

Thank you very much for answers. I'm ready to help to implement some new features regarding my demands, if you (Phorum developers) will require it.


Re: Pre-install questions
July 14, 2005 02:05PM
1.) No, though in phorum5 you can include the *whole* phorum using the portable code.

2-5.) depends on the phorum-version ... you are posting in the phorum3-area while phorum5 is the current stable version, can't say which one you are refering to.

Re: Pre-install questions
July 14, 2005 04:25PM
Sorry, I'll check Phorum5 phorum and alternatively ask there. Thank you.
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