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Introduce phorum_custom_get_template ?

Posted by arkadio 
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Introduce phorum_custom_get_template ?
July 01, 2004 10:59AM
I suggest it is a good idea to modify phorum_get_template, so that it can check for existence of custom function for that:

function phorum_get_template($page)

if(!empty($PHORUM["args"]["template"])) {

if(isset($PHORUM['user']['user_template'])) {


// Check for CUSTOM function
return phorum_custom_get_template($page, $PHORUM[template]);


// check for straight PHP file
if(file_exists("$tpl.php")) {
} else {
// not there, look for a template

if(!file_exists($phpfile) || filemtime($tplfile) > filemtime($phpfile)){
include_once "./include/templates.php";
phorum_import_template($tplfile, $phpfile);
return $phpfile;

open | download - phorum_get_template.php (1.2 KB)
Re: Introduce phorum_custom_get_template ?
July 01, 2004 12:25PM
for which use? what would you do with such a function?

Thomas Seifert
Re: Introduce custom_get_template ?
July 02, 2004 03:50AM
Basically, I am integrating Phorum into a CMS (specifically, MyDMS). I need to output different .tpl segments in at different points and not to show header and footer.

I want to use a buffer to store template output.
Here is a quick solution that works:

in phorum_get_template()

return phorum_custom_get_template($page, $phpfile);
return $phpfile;

and then - see attached file
open | download - mydms.php (2.1 KB)
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