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Picture in Profile (beta)

Posted by pat 
Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
May 27, 2004 12:40PM
Oops I guess I forgot that part :)
Picture in Read template
June 08, 2004 01:54AM
How can one get the picture to show up in the read template? I tried using <img src="{PROFILE->my_pic}" alt="{LANG->MyPic}" width="100" border="0" alt="" />

It works in the profile and controlcenter, but comes up as that x in read_threads.tpl and read.tpl
Re: Picture in Read template
June 08, 2004 10:27AM
In the read template, the var to use is MESSAGES. Specifically, I believe it is {MESSAGES->user->my_pic}.

Brian - Cowboy Ninja Coder - Personal Blog - Twitter
Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 08, 2004 04:15PM

very nice!

thank you!

i'd been thinking about how we needed this for a long time but was afraid to bring it up because there were so many other more "practical" things needed.

avatars have been something our community have long been wanting.. i think they are a great addition.

thank you!

Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 08, 2004 11:49PM
{IF PROFILE->user->my_pic}
<td class="PhorumReadBodyHead"><img src="{MESSAGES->user->my_pic}" alt="{LANG->MyPic}" width="100" border="0" alt="" /></td>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%">

This didn't work, and when I tried {IF PROFILE->my_pic}, it didn't either.
Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 09, 2004 01:03PM

Brian - Cowboy Ninja Coder - Personal Blog - Twitter
Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 09, 2004 07:52PM
I started out this way. Took me about an evening to hack away (first time with phorum code) and get the avatar/picture attached to user profile.

I was having trouble getting it to show in messages. But it was at this point that I realized that PROFILE-> would give the logged in users picture (duh).

It was also a chore (but short lived) to find out which templates did what. Until I realized that I could check the status bar while hovering over the link to see what code was being called and then looking for the template name (another DUH).

All in all, it is a good hack. Unfortunately I didn't keep track of all my changes, but they are actually very few. I may document and post here down the road.

Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 09, 2004 07:57PM

it would be great if this feature made it into the CVS...

Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 09, 2004 09:29PM
Thank you, Brian. MESSAGE (MESSAGES hadn't worked and everything else said MESSAGE, took me a moment to realize it, I'm a bit dense) worked perfectly. I love Phorum, and I love that all the users like trying new things, it really takes the forums to new places. My forum users are thrilled with the userpic/avatar feature (thank you Pat!) and the other hacks and modules used, made by other Phorum users here. Thank you all!
Re: Picture in Profile (beta)
June 10, 2004 01:34PM

I would like to add check

- is it really an image?
- what size is it?

But I'm not sure how to get hold of the individual files of all the uploaded and do the checks.

I would like a hint on how to get "getimagesize()", working in the given environment as I am quite confused with all the different arrays in combination with the files beeing stored in the db...


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