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Email to another user without disclosing address?

Posted by davidf 
Email to another user without disclosing address?
November 17, 2005 03:03PM
Is there a hack or a mod that will allow User A to click a link on User B's post or profile to send them an e-mail message without disclosing the email of user B?

You know, something like <a href="sendmail.php?user=23">Send User B an Email</a>

Re: Email to another user without disclosing address?
November 17, 2005 03:22PM
No, there isn't. This would open up a nice spam hole. The reason for not wanting to give up your e-mailaddress is to prevent spam from hitting your inbox. With this feature, spammers can easily send mail to Phorum users, without having to know their email address. Very interesting, because most groups of people that use the same forum have common interests, which makes sending high profile targeted spam a breeze.

For off-forum communication, you can use the PM system. The latest development release has a whole new PM system, which sends out PM notifications by email to the users in case a new PM arrives. Although this could also be used for spamming purposes, in the default installation the message can only be read online (so spammers can't deliver the message contents directly to email recipients) and it's easy for the user to disable these notifications.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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