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Forum Index Flat View Hack

Posted by rheo 
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 07, 2004 05:54PM

cool.. i'll upgrade to 5.0.6 when i have the time to commit and upload my new index.php file then unless someone else gets to it first.

don't give up in the meantime. is there a reason why you can't just continue using the 5.0.5 index file until then?

Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 07, 2004 08:11PM
Ack, I forgot to attach the file. Can't now, I'm in class. Won't using the 5.0.5 one give me an error for something? I know it's different than 5.0.5, and they merged the viewcount mod into the main coding, so I don't know. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use 5.0.5 index.php with 5.0.6? Then I'll know when I get home whether or not I can. If I can, I'll do that until there's a flat view hack for 5.0.6. Ty. =)
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 07, 2004 09:16PM

just try it out.. just make sure you don't lose whatever one you have that is working in the process..

but i bet it will still work.
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 08, 2004 05:34AM
Using 5.0.5 index.php with 5.0.6 and the index flat view hack works, though a drawback I'm seeing is that when going into a forum under a folder and clicking Forum List, it takes you to something like index?4, to display the folder's forums rather than the whole phorum forums and folders. I have 5.0.5 on another folder, and I double checked to see if it did that too, but it works normally and goes to the main index.
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 13, 2004 09:39PM

i asked if the admin lets you see who the members of a group yet.

what you describe is just a way to see all users.

i need to see what users are in a group.

i was planning to not upgrade until this happened.

oh well.. here's my new index.php

open | download - index.php (4.3 KB)
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 14, 2004 01:40AM
Och, I hadn't seemed to catch that part. I had responded with just
"There's a link next to the search box that says All Users, and beside each user's listing is a delete button in case you want to delete a user.", no mention of a group.

What is it you want in Admin? An extra column on the users page that says what groups they're in, or something in Edit Groups who says who all is in that group?

Sorry about the unneccessary upgrade then, I hadn't meant to make a mistake like that for you.
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 14, 2004 02:07AM

something in edit groups that says who is in it.
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 14, 2004 08:40PM
We welcome code contributions like this rheo. Feel free to submit a change to the group admin. You may want to check with Tridus first. He is working on a bunch of enhancements tot he groups stuff.

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Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
June 14, 2004 10:02PM

i'll just wait and see.
Re: Forum Index Flat View Hack
August 25, 2004 01:26AM
New version of this hack for 5.0.8RC

*Edit* whoops, wrong file, check later post

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