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All-in-one Search with additional subject search

Posted by orinoco 
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search_allinone_w_subject.tar.bz2 25.9 KB open | download orinoco 02/13/2007 Read message
All-in-one Search with additional subject search
February 13, 2007 07:35PM
and backward compatibility to subject search links from 5.0.x search function.

A search function hack which extends the match_type to "subject".
Old 5.0.x search-links with "subject=1" are recognized, too.

The search.tpl is modified to one search field again, the match_type is simply extended.

mysql.php and search.php had to be modified, too.

This is not thouroughly tested and just a quick&dirty attempt.
More an inspiration than a solution, though it solves my problem with fine-tuned, subject specific searches.


open | download - search_allinone_w_subject.tar.bz2 (25.9 KB)
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