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Brazilian Portuguese language

Posted by hoffmann 
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portuguese-br-5.0.9.php 32.8 KB open | download hoffmann 09/12/2004 Read message
portuguese-br-5.0.13.php 33.1 KB open | download Saori 01/19/2005 Read message 9.7 KB open | download irob 05/18/2005 Read message
Brazilian Portuguese language
September 12, 2004 09:41AM
Hi everybody!

I became a Phorum user this week and I really liked it.

So I decided to try out a Brazialian Portuguese file.

Feel free to modify it and please send suggestions. (I guess there are a lot of mistakes, since I finish it 4 am ;-)


LT Hoffmann
open | download - portuguese-br-5.0.9.php (32.8 KB)
Re: Brazilian Portuguese language
January 19, 2005 02:53AM

I just updated the Brasilian Portuguese file, I hope I didn't missed something new.

I added:
"ErrUserExists" => "Este nome já existe, por favor escolha outro nome.",
"MyPic" => "Minha foto",
"NoPic" => "-Sem foto-",

These 3 were different with my reference translation package from German(Du), so it should make it 5.0.13 now, right? If not, please leave me a Msg!
open | download - portuguese-br-5.0.13.php (33.1 KB)
phorum 5.0.16 - brazilian V 1.2 (brazilian-portugese)
May 18, 2005 07:24PM
Toss e Camillo, muito obrigado!

In the meanwhile, I made 2 little updates, see the attachment below. This version is now called

phorum 5.0.16 - brazilian V 1.2 (brazilian-portugese)

with lang-file called "brazilian5016_v12.php"

If you or anyone else will make another update, letz say an update to V1.3, then change it directly in the file and the filename. Attachments please only as a zip-file.

Abraco e tchau


Version 1.2 lang brasilian-portugese for phorum 5.0.16

V1.0 by Leandro Toss Hoffmann (lth [at]
- Basis version

Update to V1.1:
- "ErrUserExists" => "Este nome já existe, por favor escolha outro nome.",
- "MyPic" => "Minha foto"
- "NoPic" => "-Sem foto-"
18.01.2005 by Camilla Câmpera

Update to V1.2:
- pt_BR@euro is not compatible with XHTML 1.0
- changed $PHORUM['locale']="BR" to $PHORUM['locale']="pt_BR"
- fixed $PHORUM['long_date'] to Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)
- fixed some tab-bugs at arraylines
- Added some comments within this file
18.05.2005 by irob
open | download - (9.7 KB)
Re: phorum 5.0.16 - brazilian V 1.2 (brazilian-portugese)
December 21, 2005 02:11PM
what is new to translate between

phorum 5.0.16
phorum 5.1.5-beta - Dev


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