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Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!

Posted by Brian Moon 
Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
February 27, 2005 07:09PM
Oh shit I was just about to go to bed, but then I saw al those moneymaking messages in our Phorum. It's going to take a while to read them all... :)

But yes, to me it seems there is no errors whatsoever.

-=[ Panu ]=-
Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
February 27, 2005 07:10PM
heh, its just the old p3-demo-forum with all that crap in it. at least its some test-data ;).

Thomas Seifert
Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
February 27, 2005 07:20PM
Okay, I have to say something.

irob Wrote:
> The problem has never been fixed by anyone of
> you.
> irob

Irob, these modules are made by members and programmers, out of their OWN time.

Added modules are not officially apart of the Phorum package (though some have been incorporated into later versions), they are things that can be added TO Phorum).

Whether or not somebody fixes a module that no longer works with a newer version is not up to Phorum but the module worker. They do not get paid to make modules, and if you want them to update, you can wait until they do so or learn how to make one yourself. They should be ashamed, you say, because you had to wait for them? No, you should be ashamed for thinking the world revolves around you for every person to wait on you hand and foot. For them to work as hard as they can just to give you what they want as quick as they can without disregard to their own life and duties.

Also, the link to that site about getting something not for free--people have a right to offer their services as a programmer, to make a module for someone or to install Phorum for someone in return for money. It would be illegal if they claimed they made Phorum, but installing it or any other program for someone for money is perfectly legal. In other words hard work = payment. You can't blame Phorum for people who work hard on their (not Phorum's) own modules, or who get paid to install it for others, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Now before any jump to the conclusion to say that Phorum is so hard to install that someone would have to pay someone--that's not true. I'm not very computer literate, and even I learned how to install it, without having to pay someone to install it for me.

Before you make any more insulting comments about how people don't wait hand and foot on you, you may want to take your foot out of your mouth.


"Everything we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allan Poe

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Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
February 28, 2005 03:11AM
Just as an update to my earlier post, after an hour of fiddling I was successful in getting the original treeview working on my site. No bugs, no need for a Russian (or any other) update. You must be willing to open up the CSS and various TPL files and hack around to make it your own though. Of course I have practically no idea what I'm doing and I'm sort of learning PHP & CSS on the fly.

One comment though - after setting the paddings to 0 in PhorumTableRow and PhorumTableRowAlt (or whatever they're called), there is still a 1 pixel gap when viewing on Internet Explorer. No gaps are visible when using Netscape or Apple's Safari. This is certainly Weird and annoying, but I can live with it if I have to.

I'd like to send a big thanks out there to everyone who has built Phorum and its mods, and also all of you who have contributed such valuable information on how get it up and running. I'm not a programmer at all and installing Phorum and Treeview took no more than 6-8 hours of fiddling. (The Avatar Mod is still giving me grief though!)
Re: commercial makings of phorum
February 28, 2005 11:57AM
So, its not broken. I didn't think it was.

Brian - Cowboy Ninja Coder - Personal Blog - Twitter
Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
February 28, 2005 10:22PM
ts77 Wrote:
> Ok, as everyone told that it doesn't work I just
> installed it.
> I followed the install-instructions and changed
> the css in the same way D-Rex told on the second
> page of this thread.
> Either I am blind or it works just fine.

Yes, you re blind.

> Can anyone tell me where the bug is?

Use Microsoft-Internet-Explorer and have again a look to there. Pixel-holes and wrong treeview-icons which are not from phorum3 original.

And then watch the screenshoot of November 2003 (Brian's treeview-version) here: []

Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
March 01, 2005 02:32AM
irob, you are talking crap.

Oh yeah, I see the 1 pixel hole, which is just a poing of playing with the CSS.
Show me the wrong Icons IN MY INSTALL []
a screenshot of a maybe broken installation doesn't mean anything.

I will clear some of your posts which are not related to topic.

Thomas Seifert
Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
April 12, 2005 04:02PM
Irob you make my blood boil - I was so desperate for the Phorummail mod that I offered to pay for it. But Brian just bumped it up his dev schedule and not long after it appeared as if by magic.

All of us owe a huge debt of gratitude to these guys.

There will always be problems with rendering differences between MS browsers and the others until microsoft take their head out of their backside and stop trying to fight good practise and standards. I spend a huge amountof my time persuading my customers that they shouldn't be using Internet Explorer, and we do all our development in Firefox first as it provides a great base to test from.

Thomas is absolutley correct - you've just got to fiddle around till it works in all browsers or use browser specific css.

I think you also should thank him for putting up with your vective - if it was my phorum I would have banned you by now for being so obnoxious. Plus all you have done is made it more difficult for people with genuine issues to find the information on this thread as it's cluttered with your diatribe. (Apologies to everyone else as this post is doing the same(!)).
Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
July 26, 2005 10:26AM
*deleted* sorry

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Re: Tree lines like Phorum 3 module!
July 26, 2005 10:38AM

I still have two problems with the tree line module:

If a subject is two long, it will be broken in two lines. In version 3 the second line started right under the first one, in version 5 it is at the beginning. (see forum2.jpg)

It doesn’t happen so often, but still possible due the fixed phorum width and the old version looks a little bit better. How can I change the beginning of the second line?

The module works fine in Firefox & Co. But I still have 1px clear line in IE. It seems to be at the top of each row. I tried to change nearly everything in the CSS but couldn’t solve it. Any ideas? (see forum.jpg)

Thank's for helping and the module itself!

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