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Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script

Posted by dagon 
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 15, 2004 06:56PM
Magi, I think you could try a WHERE (something) = (something) in the sql query, to technically say select all from {name}, and put the code in the list template. I have the theory in my head, I just don't know how I would write it out.

Thank you Rheo, that worked fine. Is there a way to keep the bbcode and html, and just take out the breaks? I tried removing the bbcode altogether, and the colors on the messages showed, but at the same time it ignored the thing about taking out breaks.
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 15, 2004 07:15PM
How might I also have the posts order not just by datestamp, but by the name of the board and the datestamp? I tried putting it in after the ORDER BY statement in the query and fouled it up, I think because I don't know where to exactly put it in according to that limit $number thing.

Originally I had taken datestamp out, and when I used, I got the last posts for one of my boards, heh...
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 15, 2004 08:47PM

i imagine maybe you could run the hook that bbcode runs in somehow.

Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 17, 2004 01:46PM
Wow, the site looks beautiful on a PC, I can see all the colors. On my labtop, everything looks here looks white (I can't seem to find a way to tone down the brightness). Very nice.

Oh, um, anyway, heh. I don't know what a hook is or does or how to write one. I also thought I'd mention that the module ignores board settings. I've got uncensored curse words showing all over the place, whereas they're censored in the forums.
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 17, 2004 10:50PM

you seem pretty into this web stuff.

you should learn php.
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 18, 2004 04:02AM
I'd like to, and as soon as I can get a recommendation from a professor, I can take the PHP class. Though they'd rather I know a bit more than just <?php ?> for starters, thus all the questions and my online research on the Net to learn more about PHP.
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 18, 2004 04:14AM

i never took a class..

well i took a C programming class in high schol. some modula-2 in university...

but perl and php, i started just by reading.

reading and doing..

i'm actually suprised there is a professor teaching php in a school..

i guess it really is the 21st century..

seriously though.. taken any language at all.
C, perl, java, anything really.. it translates to php.

SQL is the one i would recommentd taking a class in..

php is too easy to take it as a whole course.

Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 21, 2004 01:30PM
I took an sql class, and just barely made it by, because the professor was seriously lenient--nobody failed that course. Sometimes I wish I could take it again (though I wouldn't get credit for that), because the things I didn't understand then I could really use now. There were so many things we went through in that course that I have a lot of trouble finding online. I didn't even know what sql was nearly the whole time--I had taken the course because it was on my major list. *ditz*
Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 22, 2004 07:23PM

Anyone thought of making this script so that it allows you to log in and hides the posts if you are not see them ?

It's a good lurker script for moderators as it is but it would be great to let everyone use it.

Re: Display Last 5 Phorum Posts -script
June 29, 2004 01:23PM
I have an easy question, though hard enough that it's stumped me. I want to manually add in the sql query to look at all boards but one. How would I write this into the query?
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