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Email All Posts module

Posted by Chris Eaton 
Re: Email All Posts module
December 23, 2004 07:48PM
the problem is now, that messages with attachments aren't emailed at all...

Clemens Weiß
Re: Email All Posts module
December 26, 2004 05:57AM
Hello Tridus,

this ist exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm unable to install your script. You must know, I'm not so firm in php. Could you please explaine it for me very slowly :)

Thanks for helping me!

Re: Email All Posts module
December 26, 2004 07:26AM
Hi Gandalf1962,

1. Copy the emailallposts folder into the mods folder on your server.
2. Goto admin.php -> Modules
3. Change the Email All Posts Module from Off to On and click Submit.
4. Go to the settings under the On/Off listbox and set your email address(es) and the subject.

That's all :-)

Clemens Weiß
Re: Email All Posts module
December 26, 2004 08:10AM
Thanks a lot Clemens. Now it works fine. (I've deletet the info.txt. Thought it was not necessary :)

Re: Email All Posts module
January 27, 2005 06:10PM
How do people use this module to help filter their mail for multiple forums?
I have hacked it very quickly (I am not familiar with Phorum 5's code yet, I've only upgraded this evening) to ignore the "Subject" in the settings page, and I'm embedding the forum name instead.
That way, I can easily set up mail rules to filter different posts into different folders.

Although this works, I feel I must be missing something obvious though as surely it must be a common requirement to easily filter incoming mail from lots of forums?

At first I was going to do it by using this module to mail me on a different address for each module (eg:, etc) but the module as it stands seems to require a master address to mail to as well, and I didn't want to receive duplicates.


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Re: Email All Posts module
January 27, 2005 07:26PM
Requiring the master address is actually a throwback to the original version, when thats the only option there was. I added the ability to specify an address for each forum at the request of somebody else, and obviously didn't test it well enough. :)

I know that I only ues the master functionality myself, since I watch over the entire forum that I run. Please feel free to make any improvements that you would find useful, and I will update the package with them.
Re: Email All Posts module
February 07, 2005 02:45PM
Good day,
I have this problem when i go to modules:
- Edit Settings of the emailallposts-Module (version 1.3)
- I enter email and subject

but i have:
"There are no settings for this module."

How can I do?

thank you
Re: Email All Posts module
February 09, 2005 08:36AM

nice mod :-)
What I would like: That it mails edited messages also...
(Imagine $BADGUY posting a clean post, I see it, it's ok, $BADGUY edits his post and then it is full of stuff I would not like at my forum ;-)
Anybody has done this already? I wonder wether I should include it in emailallposts-mod or di an extra mod for this...

Another thing, that might be usefull, if you want to look up an email of an author whose posting you just deleted:
I added the email-address of the poster (if given) to the mail, just add:

. " <".stripslashes($data["email"]).">";

at line 32:
$body = "Author: " . stripslashes($data["author"])

Re: Email All Posts module
February 12, 2005 05:04AM
This little patch will allow you to specify the keyword "%forum%" in the subject field of the modules settings, which will be replaced by the forum name.

--- emailallposts.php.orig      Sat Feb 12 09:54:18 2005
+++ emailallposts.php   Sat Feb 12 09:55:58 2005
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
        $mail_post = preg_replace( "|</*[a-z][^>]*>|i", "", $_POST["body"]);
        $mail_post = preg_replace( "|[/*[a-z][^\]]*\]|i", "", $mail_post );
        $body .= "\n\n" . $mail_post;
-       $message = array("mailsubject" => $subject, "mailmessage" => $body);
+       $message = array("mailsubject" => $subject, "mailmessage" => $body, "forum" => $forum["$PHORUM[forum_id]"]["name"]);
        phorum_email_user($toAddress, $message);
     return $data;
Re: Email All Posts module
February 15, 2005 03:49PM
Here is my version of this module. I made some changes so that people could use it with my phorummail add on. There may be more changes.

If Tridus looks it over and it looks good, I want to check this in as the default.

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