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SPAMMER's problems

Posted by Yves Julien 
SPAMMER's problems
January 10, 2014 05:35PM

I use version 5.1.16a. It works well so I don't wish to upgrade (Like the Yankees says : if it ain't broken, don't fix it!).

Here is my problem. I have a lot of Chinese Spamers that actually register account and spam my forum. They go into the trouble of creating real email and validating there registration then post one or two messages that I flush quickly and neutralize there account. Then they start over again. Wasted there time does not seem to be an issue for them.

I know a solution. If I could have an add on module that could quarantine let say the first 10 message of any new members, the Spamers would be unable to post any message scrap on my forum.

Does such a module exist ? If not, can someone make one ? I'm willing to pay for it.

Thanks for you help,


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