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error after installing the Ranks mod

Posted by djdubuque 
error after installing the Ranks mod
October 20, 2009 03:01PM
Error in the admin area.

After I installed the mod and activated it in the admin area I select settings and this is the error I received.

Language: HTML
Fatal error: Call to undefined function phorum_user_get_list() in /phorum/mods/userrank/settings.php on line 80

This is from my settings.php in ranks
Language: PHP
$frm->addbreak(); $frm->addmessage("Below you can set a custom ranks for individual users.");   // build a list of users for the dropdown $temp = phorum_user_get_list(); $userlist = array(); $userlist[-1] = "< Nobody >";   foreach ($temp as $userid => $user) { $userlist[$userid] = $user["displayname"];

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Re: error after installing the Ranks mod
October 21, 2009 07:19AM
thats not an error, thats a line number. you will have to check the *full* error, not just the last line of it.
Also you should post this in the thread of that particular module.

Thomas Seifert
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