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Private Message Restrictions Module

Posted by fmon 
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Private Message Restrictions Module
December 19, 2007 11:08PM
This module restricts the use of the private message system to users that meet criteria such as membership in a group, number of posts and time since registration. The is version 1.0 and is intended for Phorum 5.1. A version will be released for phorum 5.2. All further development will be for Phorum 5.2
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Re: Private Message Restrictions Module
April 04, 2008 03:34PM
Hello fmon,

Thanks for your mod, but i have a problem with quoted post by MP.
I have a blank page.

Perhaps it's because i have url rewirting ?
Re: Private Message Restrictions Module
May 14, 2008 11:22PM
Hi fmon, will this mod work on Phorum 5.2, or have you released a new version? Thanks.

- Nevermind... I found it. Although functionality isn't exactly what I need.
Howabout having an option something like... user may send 3 PMs/day max, until 3 other members have written to them. Then the restriction is removed.

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