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Module for rating posts

Posted by Mensler 
Re: Module for rating posts
August 07, 2008 06:37PM
Hi I'm having a bit of trouble making this work on Tabbed Emerald. When I upload this all there is no rate positive/negative button, but the rating always automatically becomes 0. Why?
Re: Module for rating posts
August 07, 2008 07:23PM
This is a a Phorum 5.1 module. It may need to be reworked for Phorum 5.2 which the Tabbed Emerald template requires.

Joe Curia (aka Azumandias)
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Re: Module for rating posts
August 08, 2008 02:27PM
Ok...can you rework it? I think more people will find it useful for 5.2. Thanks
Re: Module for rating posts
August 08, 2008 02:31PM
If you check out this thread, then you can see that the module is basically deserted by the original author and that he's fine with anybody picking up the module to further develop it. This means that there is no active development going on. Azumandias sounds just as busy as I am at the moment, so us two will probably not pick up this project. Maybe somebody else will.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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