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Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)

Posted by MiKolar 
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captchaP_03.tar.gz 4.7 KB open | download MiKolar 05/06/2006 Read message
Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
May 01, 2006 03:04AM
I have adapted the graphical captcha module for placing in the post forms.
It has a hook function for check_post, and it also automatically deletes the unused
captcha images after a number of minutes that can be specified in admin.

It futhermore enables the creation of "hybrid" forums in which the registered and
logged in users can post without any restriction (without captcha verification and
without moderation), and the unlogged visitors can post only after captcha verification
and the approval by a moderator.

The details are described in the readme.txt file of the attached module.
In short, it needs to add a line (or three or five lines) into posting_messageform.tpl,
and for the hybrid forum also a single-line hack of the include/posting/action_post.php file.

P.S. I've also simultaneously posted a modification of the captcha module for
registration with the same self-cleaning ability of the unused images here: []

Added on May 5: I was told that this mod needs a little editing for Phorum 5.0.21, and so I have just replaced the attachment by a slightly improved version (0.3) with corrected readme.txt information, and also improved wording of the captcha part of the post form.


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open | download - captchaP_03.tar.gz (4.7 KB)
Re: Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
May 04, 2006 11:34AM
Hi mk,

any plans to use the database instead of temp-storage ?

Re: Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
May 06, 2006 01:21AM
Not at this moment ...
Re: Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
May 10, 2006 02:15PM
Much thanks. This is exactly what i was looking for. It works on 5.1.11 like a charm.

Re: Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
May 20, 2006 01:49PM
Doesn't seems to work for me on 5.1.12.

Posts can still be made with or without entering the turing code.
Re: Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
June 12, 2006 10:40AM
Hi mk,

I have some trouble using your module togehter with my Terms of Service Module.

First you should check in your function mod_captchaP_verify if another module already reported an error like recommended in the description of the check_post-hook (see documentation /docs/creating_mods.txt).

Second since there is no way to define the order in which the modules are called your module should keep in mind that perhaps a following module reports an error in the check_post-hook. In this case the validation code file is already unlinked and the user can't repost the corrected message.

So I think it's better to do in the check_post-hook only the check of the validation code but not to unlink the corresponding file. Use the pre_post or post_post-hook to unlink the validation code file.

Perhaps you can keep in mind this cahnges in your next version. Thanks!


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Re: Graphical captcha module for posting (captchaP)
September 13, 2006 07:10PM
Hi mk,
It doesn't work for me on version 5.0.21
Posts can still be made with or without entering the code.
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