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New admin option: System Sanity Check

Posted by Maurice Makaay 
New admin option: System Sanity Check
October 02, 2005 01:53AM
I just added a new option to the admin panel under maintenance: System Sanity Check. This option can be used to execute a list of checks on the system to see if there are any problems. This might be used to prevent some of the regular problems that users run into. Now it's only a clickable menu item from within the admin interface, but the checking functionality might in a later stage also be used to run checks prior to installing Phorum.

The checks I have come up with so far are:

- Check if we have a database configuration
- Check if we have a database connection
- Check if the forum cache directory is available
- Check if the cache directory can be written
- Check if the caching API of Phorum works
- Check if PHP and MySQL settings conflict with file uploading limits
- Check if PHP's file upload tmpdir is writable
- Check if the default language file is available
- Check if specific languages set for forums are available
- Check if we have colliding modules installed

If people have good ideas for more useful system tests, then please let me know.
Re: New admin option: System Sanity Check
October 05, 2005 09:41AM
well, in my CMS, i also used the options "clear cache". Because sometimes site can be out of space, i would like to have ability to clear cache remote without any headache.
Re: New admin option: System Sanity Check
October 05, 2005 10:19AM
this thread was about *CHECKS* not maintenance tasks ;).

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Re: New admin option: System Sanity Check
October 07, 2005 02:39AM
Check the dbase structure to see if all tables etc. are ok.


^AU^ Assassins United
Re: New admin option: System Sanity Check
October 07, 2005 10:38AM
There could be a check inside the database layer for these kinds of things. One of the other thinks I've been thinking about is checking if all permissions for the database user are correct. Especially because I also want to take the checks outside the admin panel, so I can use them as well at install time. That would give options to catch some often occurring problems at an early stage.

I also thought of letting this tool check if the tables are in optimal state. But running this kind of check can take a very long time on long tables. That is not something that could go in this tool. I want all checks in this tool to be quickly finished. There could be a separate database maintainance tool to be able to check and repair tables, but that's a different project.
Re: New admin option: System Sanity Check
February 23, 2011 02:52PM
I believe there is a need for an orphan message check.

This is what I run in PhpMyAdmin.
Language: SQL
SELECT R.message_id AS Orphan, F.message_id AS Parent FROM phorum5214_messages AS R LEFT JOIN phorum5214_messages AS F ON R.thread = F.message_id WHERE F.message_id IS NULL;

I would like to see a query added to mysql.php even if you do not write an interface, along with delete query for removing the orphans.
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