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New Features

Posted by Brian Moon 
New Features
May 30, 2003 02:36AM
For those that do not follow the changelog or the test forum, here is a list of completed features in CVs that are not in 5.0.0-alpha:

* Added preview - brian (05/29/2003)

* Added "last post" feature in list.php to jump to last post in thread - brian (05/25/2003)

* Fixed lost password so that it now sends a temp password like Phorum 3 does. - brian (05/25/2003)

* Public users can no longer post using registered names. - brian (05/25/2003)

* Added showing of IP to read page. - brian (05/23/2003)

* Added quoting on reply. Does not use javascript. - brian (05/23/2003)

In addition, there are a couple of things being worked on or that are cool:

* # PRE-ALPHA checking of layoutsettings-mod, allows per-forum setting of colours. - ts77 (05/25/2003)

* # made the profile update create a new session if a user changes their password. - brian (05/25/2003)

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