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Posted by Christian - CH 
Christian - CH
May 07, 2003 09:03PM
It is possible to include in the further developpement :

- a preview before posting message ?
- something like Easysmilies in Phorum 3.3.x ?
- list of the users online ?
- smilies in the subject modification ?

There have been a lot of Phorum modifications in the past and they could be included in new version.

Re: suggestions
May 07, 2003 09:11PM
moved to dev-forum, where it belongs to ... .

you should have read the other posts and the todo ( before.

most of the things can be done as mods, preview is already planned. pure JavaScript-solutions like EasySmilies won't be put into phorum5, user-online is greedy on resources and won't be put into the code too (but can be done as a mod) ... and so on.ü
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