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Phorum 5 templates

Posted by Grahamn 
Phorum 5 templates
May 02, 2003 05:50PM
Hi all,
This comes from pretty much a novice, and I dont know if its been discussed before, but I thought Id ask anyway.

In Phorum 3, it was quite easy to change the colours of the phorum using the admin pages, however I cant see anywhere of doing this in the Phorum 5 admin - has this feature been removed, and if so, how would one be able to do this?


Graham Nightingale.

P.S. Where did Phorum 4 go? You went from 'Phorum 3' to 'Phorum 5' with no 4!
Re: Phorum 5 templates
May 02, 2003 06:45PM
Look in the p3-support-forums. the step from p3 to p5 has been told there really often.
the color-settings in p5 are in templates/default/settings.tpl for the template, not per forum. I have here an initial mod which allows a simple settings per forum.

Keep in mind that the release was only a first alpha-release! Which was never told to be feature-complete.
Re: Phorum 5 templates
May 02, 2003 10:48PM
As for Phorum 4, it did exist, but was scrapped. We have yet to release an even numbered release. 2 was the same way.
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