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Authorisation : can I log in via URL ?

Posted by jxharding 
Authorisation : can I log in via URL ?
September 19, 2017 08:30AM
We are Implementing phorum for a client.

The client has an existing .net website, with its own authentication system. They are looking at implementing forum software in addition to this site.

The password for users on this website is hashed and salted.

The client wants one password for all systems - the .net website being the master, with all other systems authenticating against it.

Is such an integration possible? E.g. would we be able to create a user on phorum if a user registers on the .net website?
Is it possible to create a URL which we can send to the user, which will allow him to be logged in , without actually entering his username/password?
Re: Authorisation : can I log in via URL ?
September 20, 2017 04:18AM
You can take a look at this module and see if it will work, or may be modified to work. The author is no longer active here.

odule: External Authentication
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