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Phorum admin patch: Prune Messages

Posted by sheik 
Phorum admin patch: Prune Messages
November 23, 2012 11:21AM
Tiny little patch to pre-populate prune messages with today's date (for date filters):

File: /include/admin/message_prune.php
At approx line 712, add one line:
if (!this.query) this.query_input.value = '<?php echo date("Y-m-d");?>';

Suggest it gets added on the line preceding:

if (create_new) this.query_input.helptext=document.createTextNode("yyyy/mm/dd");

WIthout this new code I find myself regularly having to manually type in yyyy-mm-dd and it's almost always for today's date. Even if you don't want today's date the chances are you will want at least some of the pre-populated date.
So, this little patch saves at least 10 keypresses ;).
If you change the date subsequently the original behaviour is unaffected.


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