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Customer Profile- user photo

Posted by 2yearsinvegas 
Customer Profile- user photo
July 08, 2012 08:39PM
We are considering Phorum and we intend to ideally require our users to post a photo or if that's not possible we'll monitor that they include a photo in order to participate. It's been suggested to me that I'll need an add-on to do that- can someone point me in the right direction?

Re: Customer Profile- user photo
July 09, 2012 01:48AM
At the top of the page, select Community, not any of the drop down choices. click!

When the page loads scroll down to...


5.2 Modules/Add-Ons

All modules known to work or written for 5.2.0 and up. Modules are small packages that increase or change the functionality of Phorum in some way, without changing any of the main Phorum code.

You can find an autogenerated list of Phorum 5.2 Modules in the Phorum Developers Wiki

Select the link to the Phorum Developers Wiki
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