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Can anyone recommend a programmer/developer that is experienced with Phorum software?

Posted by PerfectPetFinder 
Hi there,

I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a programmer/developer that can make my installation of Phorum 5.2 ( look like the rest of my site ( I can provide the CSS for the main site.

Has anyone done something similar and can provide some advice? Would this be expensive?

I am not expecting the Phorum installation to look exactly the same as the rest of the site, however, I would like the header row/ navigation from the main site to be common to both and the general look and feel to be somewhat closer. I do not want to use iframes as I want the phorum content crawlable.

Thanks, in advance, for you responses.


Hi Aaron,

To that, all you need is to manually hook up or insert the CSS header and navigation into the following files header.tpl and footer.tpl. in your forum template.


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