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Module request - paid work

Posted by Diego 
Module request - paid work
January 31, 2011 03:41PM
Hi there,

I would like to request help for (I think) a simple module/hack

Basically what i need is a mod that emulates the Facebook option "I like this" on a certain post
Or rate with a plus or a minus, and get a Post value value.

There are a couple of modules that should be doing this, but these are quite buggy and I never managed to make them work

In order to encourage both devs and community, I am willing to pay for the feature, and then make the mod a

is there anyone who could help on this ? :)

Thanks in advance!
Re: Module request - paid work
January 31, 2011 09:08PM
Could you give more specifications of what the module should do?

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Re: Module request - paid work
February 17, 2011 12:10AM
ok forum notification went to Junk Folder so I missed your reply

Basically I need a "I Like this" Facebook style feature

Basic functionality needed:

- (Registered) Users can "like" posts (not threads)
- Counter with likes can be seen for anyone
- Separate page with top "liked" posts (not threads)
- Good voting handling (no user can vote twice, no guest can vote) to prevent fake results

Advanced functionality:
- (Registered) Users can also "dislike" post
- (Registered) Users can like/dislike users

Features included or no would depend on pricing/availability/feasibility of this project
If other users are interested we can enhance/add the module

Anyone (or even the phorum mods) willing to do this?
How much would it cost? I am willing to offer it back to the phorum (if this doesnt' cost too much :D)

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