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Automation-Friendly phorum install?

Posted by Sean Phelan 
Automation-Friendly phorum install?
October 19, 2010 06:02PM
Just in the interest of brainstorming the future, has anyone looked into an automation-friendly install for phorum?

EX: I've been building phorum into a different system, exclusively to use the user/auth functions (this system doesn't even have a forum!)

It works really well, actually. The only catch is that I have to manually run through the phorum install when I deploy the system, and then go back and change a few admin settings (redirect URL, default forum, etc.)

It got me thinking about phorum, and any other noble software package that is willing to "share the page" with other ones. Phorum is very good at being subservient to another package during use, but not during install.

It's still lightyears ahead of most other products as far as interoperability, but the install question is a broad one. As soon as there are 2 (or more) packages working together, one of them will have to be "the boss". But, ideally, it could be any of them. If "the boss" can only install itself, then it can't be "the boss" until each package is installed by hand.

Just some thoughts I've been having lately. I haven't spent any time looking at the install code to see if it's even remotely possible ... this hearkens back to command-line switches on installing desktop software.


Sean Phelan
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Re: Automation-Friendly phorum install?
October 19, 2010 09:48PM
For Phorum 5.2, I did write an install script that I used to bootstrap the current website. What I did in that script is:

- grab the Phorum source code from SVN
- grab all modules that I run from SVN (sorry, closed repository, so only for the happy incrowd ;-)
- write a config.php file
- call the table create function from the db layer
- some SQL queries and db layer calls (in the current versions of Phorum -> API layer calls) to get the admin user going
- an import of a settings array to do all required general settings

Using this script, I could repeatedly build a Phorum installation and work on testing the conversion from my old system.

From what I remember, handling this was not too difficult and it should most definitely be possible to turn this into something like a console_install script. Feeding the script with configuration options to use could be done using an INI file.

Command line switches are an option too, but the list of options might get really really long when you want to configure anything past a few basic required options.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Automation-Friendly phorum install?
November 02, 2010 11:49AM

Thanks for that recipe - what you did already sounds like a gameplan that a controlling app could implement.

When I get to the point where that "want" becomes a "need", I'll give it a crack and come back here with questions.

SVN "happy incrowd" ... sounds warm & fuzzy :)

Sean Phelan
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