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hook send_mail - proposed enhancement

Posted by chriss 
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email_functions.php.patch.gz 292 bytes open | download chriss 11/30/2009 Read message
hook send_mail - proposed enhancement
November 30, 2009 10:51PM
First post, hope this is the correct place for it.

File: include/email_functions.php
Function: phorum_email_user($addresses, $data)

Regarding the send_mail hook, how about adding the custom headers so that the smtp mail module can use them?

Simple patch against the 5.2.14 branch attached. Feel free to improve.

Patch instructions:
# Get the source
svn co h ttp:// (Note: remove space in "h ttp")
# Save the patch file to current dir and decompress it
gzip -vd email_functions.php.patch.gz
# Apply patch
patch phorum_5_2_14/include/email_functions.php < email_functions.php.patch
open | download - email_functions.php.patch.gz (292 bytes)
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