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Joe Curia?

Posted by korsakov 
Joe Curia?
September 27, 2009 10:19PM
I hope we haven't lost Joe Curia as a lead developer. In case he won't be available anymore, is there anybody who would continue to maintain his great modules?
Re: Joe Curia?
September 27, 2009 11:35PM
You can't lose what you never had :) Although I love to dabble in php and Phorum, I would never go so far as to call myself a lead developer. That said, I have not lost my love for coding, I have just been busy applying what I learned doing hobby work for Phorum to a couple of work and church projects. I actually made my first commit in a long time to work on getting my modules compliant with the security upgrades in 5.2.11 and higher. I hope to have some module upgrades available by the end of the week. And yes, I have seen the requests you have made on my modules and will be working on them. Thanks for your concern :)

Joe Curia (aka Azumandias)
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Re: Joe Curia?
September 28, 2009 05:27AM
Dear Joe, Thanks for your life sign and for giving me hope! Whether you lead or not, significant for me is that over time you created many very useful modules for Phorum! Without some of them I would never have started my last project with Phorum. I am glad that you are back and looking forward to the updates!
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