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how to eliminate "IP Logged" next to user names?

Posted by farang 
how to eliminate "IP Logged" next to user names?
October 31, 2009 06:59PM

I'd like to hide the "IP Logged" message that appears after user names on posts. Actually, I'd like to remove the entire parenthetical that appears after user names, not just replace "IP Logged" with some other string, or an empty string .

However, I still want admins/mods to be able to see user IP addresses next to their names

Any ideas?

Re: how to eliminate "IP Logged" next to user names?
October 31, 2009 07:44PM
In the read.tpl and read_threads.tpl file for your template, change:
<div class="PhorumStdBlock">
  <div class="PhorumReadBodySubject">{MESSAGE->subject}</div>
  <div class="PhorumReadBodyHead">{LANG->Postedby}: <strong>{MESSAGE->linked_author}</strong> ({MESSAGE->ip})</div>
to (new code in green):
<div class="PhorumStdBlock">
  <div class="PhorumReadBodySubject">{MESSAGE->subject}</div>
  <div class="PhorumReadBodyHead">{LANG->Postedby}: <strong>{MESSAGE->linked_author}</strong>{IF MODERATOR true} ({MESSAGE->ip}){/IF}</div>

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Re: how to eliminate "IP Logged" next to user names?
November 01, 2009 02:26PM
cool, that works nicely, thanks!
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