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Posted by jw523 
Admin Settings
May 22, 2008 03:34PM
I seem to have a problem getting access into the admin part of the forum, I myself am not an admin but I have recently been made webmaster of the forum but do not know how to make myself an admin. How do I make myself an admin?
Re: Admin Settings
May 22, 2008 03:40PM
First create a standard account through the front end. Then find that user in the phorum_users table in the database. Change the "admin" field from 0 to 1. After doing so, you can login into the admin backend.

see also the FAQ

Oh, and another option could be to install this script in your Phorum dir as rescue_admin.php. Edit the $make_admin_user variable to contain the name of the user that you want to make admin. Then open it in your browser.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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