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news mod thing

by mike9010
1 01/26/2003 08:11AM
Last Post by mike9010

Threaded View: Open/close single thread

by jens
1 01/18/2003 12:35AM
Last Post by jens

Sort Threads by Subject

by haydnlowe
1 01/10/2003 12:00AM
Last Post by haydnlowe

Hiding e-mail and nick

by Gonzalo
1 01/09/2003 09:50PM
Last Post by Gonzalo

phorummail add-on to check POP box

by Christofer Burger
1 01/06/2003 03:24PM
Last Post by Christofer Burger


by dand1981
1 01/06/2003 09:51AM
Last Post by dand1981

using phorum for comments on polls

by JunkMale
1 01/04/2003 05:58PM
Last Post by JunkMale


by Leon
2 03/01/2003 12:35AM
Last Post by Anonymous User


by Zamolxe
1 12/15/2002 01:23PM
Last Post by Zamolxe

Some suggestions

by Anonymous User
1 12/14/2002 06:27PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Bold Parent in Threaded View

by apharas
2 03/10/2004 04:35AM
Last Post by whoa!

Printer friendly

by mustapha
1 12/02/2002 03:25PM
Last Post by mustapha

Divide messages into pages

by Mario
1 11/30/2002 08:24PM
Last Post by Mario

Phorum module integrated for Postnuke

by tamang
1 11/29/2002 11:45PM
Last Post by tamang

Different colors for certain users

by treb
2 01/27/2003 10:54AM
Last Post by antsi

Subject email cutting?

by MattxWCWW
1 11/22/2002 02:43PM
Last Post by MattxWCWW

User details change

by Buzz
2 11/15/2002 04:08AM
Last Post by Buzz

Can message sequence in flat view mimic threaded view?

by dude
1 11/05/2002 10:15PM
Last Post by dude

mouceover topic

by Michael Horton
3 11/06/2002 07:09PM
Last Post by Michael Horton

move thread

by Dave B.
3 12/23/2002 09:41PM
Last Post by mbloemendal

Using phorums username and password variables

by shrike
4 11/13/2002 04:52PM
Last Post by Buzz

Created in X seconds

by baihui
3 11/07/2002 08:42AM
Last Post by baihui

Holy cow how did they do this?

by MattxWCWW
3 03/10/2004 04:39AM
Last Post by whoa!

Sort replies in an invert order

by Mario
1 10/20/2002 02:46PM
Last Post by Mario

WebBBS converter?

by allpar
2 03/10/2004 04:36AM
Last Post by whoa!

check in e-mail reply box

by Michael Horton
3 01/06/2003 09:19AM
Last Post by dand1981

Show path with embeded link

by dude
6 03/10/2004 04:36AM
Last Post by whoa!

Search form on another document

by shrike
1 10/03/2002 12:02AM
Last Post by shrike

Which files do I need to change to modify phorum look?

by shrike
3 10/19/2002 11:02AM
Last Post by shrike

profile on read.php as in phpBB

by gwena
1 09/25/2002 12:46AM
Last Post by gwena

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