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Restirct Users

by gabrielm
1 03/28/2004 12:04AM
Last Post by gabrielm

no pictures

by kalcha
1 03/16/2004 12:08AM
Last Post by kalcha

Diosplay number of registered users

by Godai
4 04/06/2004 05:10PM
Last Post by Godai

profile images added to post

by kicker rock
2 03/08/2004 06:14PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

using phorum permission...

by Pierre
1 02/20/2004 06:33PM
Last Post by Pierre

Private messaging?

by Mandingo
4 02/24/2004 06:38AM
Last Post by Michael

IP banning

by Sune
3 03/10/2004 04:34AM
Last Post by whoa!

This forums style, Mod ?

by jkxchfuiod
1 02/08/2004 04:05PM
Last Post by jkxchfuiod

Store LastVisited in Database

by Michael
5 02/03/2004 05:44PM
Last Post by sheik

moderator function links

by benjy mouse
4 01/25/2004 04:42PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

indicate users

by Mario
1 01/15/2004 07:09PM
Last Post by Mario

Number of posts by page...

by biomax
1 01/12/2004 12:10PM
Last Post by biomax

Chat box / shout box

by Sune
2 02/24/2004 02:50PM
Last Post by kicker rock

"Moved" thread message?

by sheik
4 02/03/2004 03:23AM
Last Post by cskr


by Kaegan
2 11/24/2003 05:58PM
Last Post by jeffx

Add "Register Here" link to list.php

by Piers
3 03/17/2004 11:09AM
Last Post by Godai

reply to a message

by realb
1 11/14/2003 07:43PM
Last Post by realb


by paddy
1 11/12/2003 03:15PM
Last Post by paddy

display prob for uploading non-image

by uploader
2 03/10/2004 04:37AM
Last Post by whoa!

What about private messages ?

by Anonymous User
4 03/27/2004 07:47AM
Last Post by vij

Forum 2 News /Mail

by spax
1 10/15/2003 09:11PM
Last Post by spax

delete posts by ip

by thaw
4 03/10/2004 04:37AM
Last Post by whoa!

Need someone to set up bb for me

by Brad Callen
1 09/24/2003 10:42PM
Last Post by Brad Callen

Subscribe to Forum; does it exist?

by karld
2 03/10/2004 04:38AM
Last Post by whoa!

How to uncenter all the text

by thedyingprocess
1 09/11/2003 08:39PM
Last Post by thedyingprocess

Form Field

by Raymond
2 03/10/2004 04:38AM
Last Post by whoa!

make it so that moderator name is regular text, not bold?

by keyo
2 08/28/2003 12:22AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Different colors for users

by Joetoe
1 08/26/2003 09:39AM
Last Post by Joetoe

viewed by whom?

by shark daddy
1 08/25/2003 06:11AM
Last Post by shark daddy

search by IP address

by jeffx
1 08/21/2003 02:46PM
Last Post by jeffx

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