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Anti spam (forum) protection?

by cabo
3 05/08/2001 04:01PM
Last Post by Vulpes

Kill Thread

by Kyndig
4 05/08/2001 07:31PM
Last Post by Vulpes

Mailing list return to 2 adresses

by perepinya
9 05/15/2001 07:52PM
Last Post by Vulpes

Mailing list return to 2 adresses

by perepinya
1 05/07/2001 12:28PM
Last Post by perepinya

Integration Phorum/Template engine

by Luc
1 05/02/2001 01:55PM
Last Post by Luc

blocking user by cookie?

by Kevin
8 05/04/2001 09:14PM
Last Post by Kevin


by [BL]MaC
10 05/25/2001 05:19AM
Last Post by gophy

Checking Phorum to Cookie to indicate if new posts were ...

by Matthew Anderson
2 04/26/2001 01:13AM
Last Post by Vulpes

Need a Hack for replies

by Christopher
7 04/25/2001 04:41PM
Last Post by Vulpes

Some Qs: Attachment/

by Micky
2 04/23/2001 07:37PM
Last Post by Vulpes

The best well tested version is v. HELP??

by Kristian Tørning
10 04/19/2001 07:42PM
Last Post by Vulpes

Last 5 messages for ALL phorums

by Jkannist
5 04/18/2001 07:15AM
Last Post by Vulpes

Phpwebsite phorum hack

by heavenearth
4 04/03/2001 12:34AM
Last Post by Vulpes

my suggest !

by litestep
1 03/24/2001 11:23PM
Last Post by litestep

Language switch..

by Jules
9 06/05/2001 02:49AM
Last Post by cabo

display/hide individual threads with DHTML?

by joe
2 03/20/2001 06:22AM
Last Post by <b>Vulpes</b>

Discus to Phorum Converter

by Coach Young
1 03/17/2001 01:33PM
Last Post by Coach Young

Wondering if i can post messages in Chinese?

by Blue
3 04/19/2001 03:51AM
Last Post by Justin

Formatting with HTML...using &lt;PRE&gt;

by eivind sivertsen
2 04/19/2001 07:43PM
Last Post by Vulpes


by Guy
6 03/13/2001 07:00AM
Last Post by Vulpes

deleting postings older than xx days???

by Hellkeeper
2 03/09/2001 06:26AM
Last Post by Vulpes

Adapting phorum to a news-site

by Trond
1 03/04/2001 02:55AM
Last Post by Trond

marking forums with posts since last visit

by Ed
1 03/01/2001 02:04PM
Last Post by Ed

Latest post (the body text) on other page

by Rene
5 03/13/2001 08:57PM
Last Post by Rene

New Window Reply/Post

by Cheech
1 02/03/2001 01:28PM
Last Post by Cheech

this site

by darren
2 03/05/2001 07:02AM
Last Post by Mike

aesthetic hackers unite...

by Shiloh
3 01/17/2001 04:10AM
Last Post by Shiloh

Top Forum Authors Hack

by Smokey
2 03/13/2001 06:48AM
Last Post by Vulpes

Emailling new topics and replies to a mailing list

by Dan Romanchik
1 12/26/2000 03:09AM
Last Post by Dan Romanchik

Phorum integration with PHP-Nuke

by ElVengador
4 01/06/2001 11:52AM
Last Post by Vulpes

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