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by Amy
6 07/17/2001 02:45AM
Last Post by Amy

Reply Hack?

by AL
1 06/26/2001 04:03PM
Last Post by AL

REQUEST: Mailbox Import Hack on phorummail

by Brighton Beach
1 06/25/2001 07:08AM
Last Post by Brighton Beach

Float to top for latest post?

by Son of Gogonzola
4 11/01/2001 10:23PM
Last Post by jeffx

where should i insert elements ? with SQL \copy command.

by uups
1 06/20/2001 04:18PM
Last Post by uups

ban ip or ban email address pls post here

by act
2 06/17/2001 04:27AM
Last Post by act

Status for each threaded topic

by Boon
1 06/15/2001 05:07AM
Last Post by Boon

phorum / phpnuke integration

by hayley
2 07/26/2001 02:20AM
Last Post by Kame

Username Protection

by SPiRi
1 06/12/2001 06:36PM
Last Post by SPiRi

quick-forum-change links in list/read-page?

by Norfolk
1 06/11/2001 08:24PM
Last Post by Norfolk

Phorum search engine friendly

by Johannes
1 06/09/2001 06:01PM
Last Post by Johannes

does 5 new topic can be post at my homepage?

by act
1 06/08/2001 08:57PM
Last Post by act

list page show all topics from all forums

by act
1 06/08/2001 08:55PM
Last Post by act

shorten the subject if

by act
4 09/14/2001 03:34PM
Last Post by Mike

welcome message,date,who's online

by act
1 06/08/2001 08:39PM
Last Post by act

display last message 'hack' would be nice

by BobbyT
1 06/07/2001 09:56PM
Last Post by BobbyT

IP (or dominium ?) adress

by Georges
4 06/12/2001 09:44AM
Last Post by Georges

Login hack

by Nicolas
2 06/05/2001 07:03PM
Last Post by cabo

Who´s Online

by Cees
2 06/06/2001 11:57PM
Last Post by Vulpes

"new"-symbol in reading-in-flat-mode, email-bug

by Norfolk
3 06/02/2001 10:02PM
Last Post by Vulpes

flat-message-view treelike as in multi-thread-view?

by Norfolk
2 06/02/2001 09:59PM
Last Post by Vulpes

global search?

by pirkka
2 07/23/2001 06:01AM
Last Post by Boon

"read only" and "members" hack needed....

by Malcolm Darwen
1 05/26/2001 11:24PM
Last Post by Malcolm Darwen

website pass needed!!!!!

by masterd33
1 05/23/2001 02:09AM
Last Post by masterd33

Instead of Message add more text fields

by CJ
1 05/21/2001 12:52AM
Last Post by CJ

Cannot view all the subjects inside the Forum.

by Justin
1 05/20/2001 11:51AM
Last Post by Justin

top 10 posts just the subject+link+seperate page

by datamatrix
3 05/21/2001 12:26AM
Last Post by Vulpes

How can I add icons?

by Pere Pinya
3 05/24/2001 06:29PM
Last Post by Paul H

Small ads

by Yves R
1 05/13/2001 01:35PM
Last Post by Yves R

Majordomo Connector

by Jhary-a-Conel
1 05/11/2001 08:58AM
Last Post by Jhary-a-Conel

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