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5.2 Templates

The template language was updated and improved in Phorum 5.2. You will need new templates and new template hacks and mods.

You can find an autogenerated list of Templates for Phorum 5.2 in our developer wiki
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Strange problem... Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by AtliVidar
17 08/08/2008 05:22AM
Last Post by Joe Curia

display first post different style

by artisites
3 08/06/2008 08:10PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Signature id body - is this critical, if so what decencies exist?

by JAB Creations
9 08/06/2008 05:45PM
Last Post by bingalls

Adding Styles to Classes

by Olof
6 05/20/2008 04:34PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Avatar enabled Emerald template

by vas
3 05/18/2008 05:47PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

Template Troubles

by nica
4 05/17/2008 01:36AM
Last Post by nica

Is there a way of doing MESSAGES->author_of_message_that_you_are_replying_to

by Loccy
2 05/13/2008 06:21PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

How does the templating actually work?   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by optimal
27 05/09/2008 08:08PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Emerald inverted

8 05/07/2008 05:05PM
Last Post by Joe Curia

Tidy Template, whitespace issues with inline CSS

by optimal
5 05/05/2008 12:47PM
Last Post by optimal

Image beside forum name

by aridhol
3 04/14/2008 02:01AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

I like here phorum header Can we get the code for this..!   (Pages: 1 2)

by truthonlytruths
16 03/25/2008 06:54PM
Last Post by caronoff

setting.tpl in emerald change issues

by rweiss
6 03/25/2008 12:11AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Developing new template

by Sergej
3 03/10/2008 06:33PM
Last Post by Sergej

Automatic URLs

by thurfjell
3 03/09/2008 06:28AM
Last Post by thurfjell

Changing fonts in emerald theme

by thurfjell
3 03/08/2008 06:08PM
Last Post by thurfjell

number of reports

by FPT
7 03/07/2008 03:20PM
Last Post by FPT

Help Changing Forum

by Metzo
5 03/07/2008 09:31AM
Last Post by Mickael

Multiple forum/folder columns on index.php?

by Liliana von Goodin
1 03/05/2008 02:09AM
Last Post by Liliana von Goodin

Documentation for Template Engine

by harryworld
2 03/02/2008 03:42AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

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