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If you are having a problem with Phorum, this is the place to look for an answer. You can also find help in our chat room.
We also got a nice DOCs section on this website ;-). 
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Need Help. Email Error

by Lisa Yunia
2 12/04/2019 07:14AM
Last Post by zzzhhy

excuse me how to change fon-sizie

by zzzhhy
1 11/05/2019 08:56AM
Last Post by zzzhhy

register forum can't send email

by zzzhhy
2 11/04/2019 08:00AM
Last Post by zzzhhy

Phorum 5.2 and php7

by pat
4 10/20/2019 04:52PM
Last Post by eugenio

captcha text in german

by ratatouille
2 08/19/2019 05:48AM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Template not used?

by ratatouille
5 08/11/2019 02:06PM
Last Post by ratatouille

This website

by SomeDude
2 08/04/2019 10:20AM
Last Post by SomeDude

Delete account

by SomeDude
2 08/02/2019 06:46PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

password change

by ratatouille
2 08/01/2019 07:38PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Profile pictures

by SomeDude
2 07/29/2019 01:38PM
Last Post by SomeDude


by SomeDude
1 07/29/2019 12:21PM
Last Post by SomeDude

Need assistance regarding two PHP error messages

by mcfp_2013
7 07/22/2019 07:48PM
Last Post by FinnArildsen


by SomeDude
3 07/20/2019 09:07AM
Last Post by SomeDude


by SomeDude
3 07/15/2019 09:52PM
Last Post by SomeDude

console_upgrade stops

by wloges
12 06/24/2019 10:28PM
Last Post by wloges

Upgrading from version 5.1.16a to 5.2 version.

by Yves Julien
2 06/06/2019 05:06AM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Quotes Trimmed?

by mcinvale
1 05/10/2019 04:47PM
Last Post by mcinvale

Beginners question Attachments

by Andries
1 05/06/2019 11:25AM
Last Post by Andries

ReCaPTCHA not working

by ririprod
11 04/17/2019 03:04AM
Last Post by Xiphias

Post error after MySQL update

by CBiLL
2 03/13/2019 06:10PM
Last Post by CBiLL

Image no longer loading in posts

by CBiLL
3 02/28/2019 04:35AM
Last Post by CBiLL

register-confirmation - german language file

by Thorsten
4 02/27/2019 11:15AM
Last Post by Oliver Riesen-Mallmann

PHP 7.1.26 Backend Problem Admin Menu

by Thorsten
3 02/21/2019 12:01PM
Last Post by Thorsten

Corrupt Attachment Download?

by tdavis34
1 02/13/2019 03:23PM
Last Post by tdavis34

No addon hook enabled for module

by ttsp
3 01/31/2019 07:52PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

All forums readonly but I can't see why

by mcaffea
3 01/16/2019 07:39AM
Last Post by mcaffea


by hamongnguyet
1 01/15/2019 04:39PM
Last Post by hamongnguyet

Rebuild Search Data is not working

by Eckhard
15 01/11/2019 02:22PM
Last Post by lshore

Embedding Phorum in web page

by mangfpt
2 12/09/2018 06:39PM
Last Post by ClickRaider

WYSIWYG Editor not loading in posting.php

by ClickRaider
2 12/09/2018 06:20PM
Last Post by ClickRaider

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