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We also got a nice DOCs section on this website ;-). 
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User Registration passwords

by herobynight
1 10/20/2021 01:31AM
Last Post by herobynight

Caching issue.

by stargazer77
14 09/24/2021 11:07PM
Last Post by yash

Mobile Template: date of Last Post issue Attachments

by Maxim_A
1 09/16/2021 11:43AM
Last Post by Maxim_A

New Phorum install but no admin creds

by jcserni
6 09/13/2021 12:09AM
Last Post by jcserni

Greyed out options Attachments

by Ozz
2 08/15/2021 07:46PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Can I have login to post enabled without enabling login to read using version 5.2.23 ?

by DanielLee50
4 08/15/2021 05:49AM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

admin php missing

by mrsray
2 08/09/2021 02:40PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Missing list icons on phones

by salmobytes
1 06/24/2021 06:03PM
Last Post by salmobytes

Unable to minor upgrade from 5.2.14 to 5.2.23

by kivrael
18 04/21/2021 07:10PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Phorum 5.2 and php7

by pat
18 04/15/2021 03:03PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

registration.php load returns 404

by Jovian
3 03/29/2021 03:06PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Field 'recent_author' doesn't have a default value

by Ulf Dunkel
12 03/26/2021 05:29PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Disappearing Posts using BBCode Formatting Attachments

by oka723
6 03/22/2021 11:25PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Protect search against bots

by elmotard
2 02/01/2021 08:57PM
Last Post by elmotard

Trouble converting database phpBB2 -> Phorum 5.2.23

by Chefsessel
4 01/03/2021 08:32PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

php 8.0 and mods/spamhurdles/api.php

by rickrich
2 12/23/2020 03:04PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Merging forums?

by laurenz
4 12/10/2020 11:58PM
Last Post by Skye N.

"New Private Messages" when there aren't any...

by Skye N.
3 12/06/2020 02:37PM
Last Post by cactux

The database connection failed. Please check your database configuration in include/db/config.php. If the configuration is okay, check if the database server is running.

by bsergent
8 11/02/2020 07:59PM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

MySQL database layer is unable to determine PHP MySQL extension to use

by summiner
3 09/25/2020 01:28AM
Last Post by summiner

Failure To Login After Server Move

by melodicrock
11 08/25/2020 02:20PM
Last Post by melodicrock

Reply subject line -- any way to have it empty by default?

by stargazer77
3 08/21/2020 06:02AM
Last Post by stargazer77

Breadcrumb question.

by stargazer77
3 08/19/2020 02:53PM
Last Post by stargazer77

Smileys popup box?

by stargazer77
2 08/15/2020 09:15PM
Last Post by stargazer77

Messages are not showing body or other message titles in thread

by stargazer77
2 08/15/2020 01:44PM
Last Post by stargazer77

500 error on register.php

by stargazer77
2 08/15/2020 08:09AM
Last Post by stargazer77

Attachment Download Issue after PHP Upgrade

by flmitchells
4 07/23/2020 05:13PM
Last Post by phrt

Issues while upgrading from 5.1.25 to 5.2.23

by lomex
2 06/19/2020 04:19AM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

Log error because of mod embed_images

by elmotard
3 05/31/2020 04:51PM
Last Post by elmotard

Post time edit

by Maxim_A
2 05/12/2020 06:16AM
Last Post by Scott Finegan

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