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This is a forum where users can contribute and discuss documentation for Phorum version 3. 
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New installation instructions   (Pages: 1 2)

by Chris Moss
37 04/16/2005 09:42PM
Last Post by hasan


by John Roshi
2 01/22/2005 05:05AM
Last Post by ts77

Easy Way to enhance aesthetics of your Phorums

by Cameron Perry
5 01/06/2005 03:07AM
Last Post by Tim Hysniu

<b>(small) german phorum-documentation</b>

by <b>thomas</b>
3 11/10/2004 10:55AM
Last Post by ts77


by Dimitris
2 09/04/2004 06:33AM
Last Post by ts77

French translation for admin area (3.4.8a)

by Florent Guiliani
3 08/24/2004 04:29PM
Last Post by poop

Php5 and phorum 3

by chandresh
2 08/18/2004 07:20AM
Last Post by ts77

Installation - line by line

by Paul
12 08/01/2004 10:01AM
Last Post by Chriswel

Swedish Translation

by Kenzeitak
1 06/08/2004 04:43PM
Last Post by Kenzeitak

Installation doc in French

by MarcGe
20 05/26/2004 07:18AM
Last Post by WoP

A first crack at user documentation

by Scott Sneddon
17 04/27/2004 12:04PM
Last Post by Rob Crawford

Phorum-Install on Win32/IIS (repost)

by thomas
8 04/24/2004 07:01PM
Last Post by thela

Is this a PHP3 or site problem ?

by Radu
4 04/03/2004 11:41AM
Last Post by Djeepy46234

PhorumMail HOWTO?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Christoph Kuhn
21 03/21/2004 08:33PM
Last Post by jdillon

Phorum Code documentation for users

by Dan Anderson
4 10/30/2003 02:49PM
Last Post by duchy

parsing html in a phorum message

by Mo
4 10/16/2003 05:06PM
Last Post by ts77

why ?

by lover
2 10/05/2003 05:35AM
Last Post by ts77

new how-to

by junkmale
5 09/22/2003 10:09AM
Last Post by coward

Html tag ????? ( )

by rv-soft
2 08/18/2003 06:49PM
Last Post by ts77

Phorum Roadmap

by /dam
6 06/09/2003 07:14AM
Last Post by joe

<b>Installing Phorum on Win32/IIS</b>

by <b>thomas</b>
6 04/20/2003 05:59AM
Last Post by Sam Bauers

forgot-password-function documented?

by Jean-Guy
1 03/21/2003 02:19AM
Last Post by Jean-Guy

Translated Document

by gabriel
2 03/15/2003 07:42AM
Last Post by ts77

I had no problems installing

by Chris Panetta
6 02/18/2003 09:01AM
Last Post by Xaos

How about a graphic to relate HTML Settings to the webpage?

by Dan Langille (elsewhere)
7 02/04/2003 07:45AM
Last Post by Dan (via dialup)

Web page FAVICONs

by Brad
1 01/23/2003 12:38PM
Last Post by Brad

Installation documentation   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Jackson
53 01/04/2003 12:24PM
Last Post by ts77

<b>Help pop-ups during install.</b>

by Brian Moon
7 07/28/2002 09:46PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

new How-to coming at The FreeBSD Diary

by junkmale
2 06/25/2002 09:23AM
Last Post by ts77

Images in post

by Don
5 06/05/2002 07:20AM
Last Post by Don

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