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This is the forum to post your completed templates or ask questions about making changes to Phorum templates. 
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Need help with template

by DangerDave
3 02/21/2007 01:09AM
Last Post by DangerDave

Perceived problem with css.tpl

by Joe Curia
1 02/19/2007 02:49PM
Last Post by Joe Curia

Small problems...

by tack
4 02/18/2007 03:31AM
Last Post by tack

A CSS question

by tack
3 02/17/2007 04:29AM
Last Post by tack

How to add a background image?

by rabidy
5 02/16/2007 10:49AM
Last Post by miafire

Access post count of logged-in user in template?

by sheik
3 02/16/2007 12:34AM
Last Post by sheik

bbLike theme   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by kAtremer
23 02/14/2007 01:36PM
Last Post by demoore

BBcode editor like on's forum

by demoore
4 02/13/2007 06:53AM
Last Post by demoore

Adding register link to navbar

by chris_huh
5 02/11/2007 05:26PM
Last Post by chris_huh

DHTML popup for Forum List menu link   (Pages: 1 2)

by sheik
14 02/10/2007 12:40PM
Last Post by sheik

Ajax "last post" preview now working in a Phorum template

by sheik
9 02/10/2007 09:43AM
Last Post by freedman

Complete: Game Template =CU= Attachments

by Sergej
8 02/10/2007 03:44AM
Last Post by freedman

what gives with my template

by beatrix
6 02/07/2007 09:35AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Request: Set/Change Colors from Admin Page

by Joe Curia
8 02/06/2007 06:19PM
Last Post by Joe Curia


by tater0388
6 01/27/2007 09:13AM
Last Post by Sergej

Alignment and size of the forum table

by Nicola
3 01/26/2007 10:25PM
Last Post by Nicola

display subject of thread in read.tpl

by konradk
4 01/26/2007 06:28PM
Last Post by statolith

Navigation: Getting variable for current page

by nils73
3 01/19/2007 05:43PM
Last Post by nils73

Phorum data in meta description and title   (Pages: 1 2)

by Brian Moon
16 01/13/2007 07:22PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Using IF Logic and Settings in a Template

by schwing
3 01/08/2007 09:27PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

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