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This forum was used for supporting Phorum 3 users. 
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Phorum 5 Stable

by brianlmoon
1 09/01/2004 08:29PM
Last Post by brianlmoon

problem with displaying forum page

by Pedro Burgos
9 08/31/2004 08:32PM
Last Post by ts77

XHTML Template for Phorum 3

by Nicolas Steinmetz
6 08/31/2004 06:03PM
Last Post by Nicolas Steinmetz


by Luke
4 08/31/2004 02:40PM
Last Post by ts77

cache problem

by skalie
3 08/31/2004 01:43PM
Last Post by ts77

Remove title on the top

by Fabien
2 08/31/2004 09:05AM
Last Post by ts77

Error, please help

by joel
2 08/28/2004 01:20PM
Last Post by ts77

Log in problem

by Anonymous User
5 08/27/2004 10:43PM
Last Post by ts77

Sorting threads

by Eben
2 08/27/2004 10:43PM
Last Post by ts77

re-login issue

by Thomas Davidson
1 08/27/2004 08:45PM
Last Post by Thomas Davidson

Phorum 5 Release Candidate

by brianlmoon
3 08/26/2004 09:05PM
Last Post by brianlmoon

Problem with posts...

by Fabian
5 08/25/2004 05:06AM
Last Post by pischa


by TesterLo
7 08/23/2004 03:00PM
Last Post by Koant

Two errors when posting: Warning: mail(): Failed.. and Warning: Cannot modify

by ryan
7 08/22/2004 01:40PM
Last Post by ts77

a list of last messages ?

by Henri
3 08/21/2004 09:47PM
Last Post by Mark22

I made a mistake in the ADMIN area

by Cyril
3 08/20/2004 03:42PM
Last Post by Cyril

Can't access Admin area

by Mark
5 08/20/2004 01:48AM
Last Post by ro

creating new forum

by Ness
2 08/19/2004 02:15AM
Last Post by ts77

Dear attachments, why don't you work ?

by Jean-baptiste
10 08/18/2004 04:35AM
Last Post by duncan

Where to add the last time logged in code ?

by Phil
3 08/17/2004 06:17PM
Last Post by Phil


by miguetoo
2 08/17/2004 12:47PM
Last Post by ts77

Where can I find the admin-Site by default on an Red Hat system?

by Joerg
2 08/17/2004 12:46PM
Last Post by ts77

Database problem

by AraL
2 08/15/2004 08:26PM
Last Post by ts77

Admin validates / unlocks new user

by Mariano W.
2 08/15/2004 08:24PM
Last Post by ts77


by felipebm
9 08/13/2004 06:23PM
Last Post by felipebm

s**t happend

by melx
2 08/12/2004 02:31PM
Last Post by ts77

LDAP MOD + redirect problem

by Jack Plumm
2 08/12/2004 01:33PM
Last Post by Jack Plumm

Strange post behavior...

by stuf
1 08/11/2004 03:33PM
Last Post by stuf

error in "read.php"

by Eric G.
10 08/11/2004 02:29PM
Last Post by stuf

Cannot modify header information

by Thomas Langer
2 08/10/2004 07:01PM
Last Post by ts77

use of smileys

by bossie
15 08/09/2004 01:53AM
Last Post by pheind

Can't post in some forums anymore

by baerenwurm
4 08/08/2004 02:53PM
Last Post by baerenwurm

Cache IP, not real IP

by James M
4 08/07/2004 07:28AM
Last Post by Daniel Sofer

More phorums

by Milda
9 08/05/2004 10:19AM
Last Post by Milda

how to check root

by michaelborchers
3 08/05/2004 09:27AM
Last Post by michaelborchers

Idiots posting rubbish

by trakman
2 08/05/2004 02:29AM
Last Post by trakman

Error messages

by Nathalie Margiotta
2 08/04/2004 09:39PM
Last Post by ts77

Language localization

by Renata
3 08/04/2004 08:26AM
Last Post by Milda

Install Problems w/ MySQL

by twb
3 08/03/2004 09:56PM
Last Post by twb

Security - Default email and Banning users

by Anonymous User
3 08/03/2004 02:55PM
Last Post by Anonymous User


by robt
2 08/03/2004 02:35PM
Last Post by ts77

Found 2 possible bugs in phorum!

by dermueller
6 08/02/2004 04:19PM
Last Post by sheik

phorum inside a table

by Glenn Page
3 08/01/2004 05:55PM
Last Post by Baron

Strange behaviour, newer posts vanish off top of list when older post answered

by Don
4 07/31/2004 01:49PM
Last Post by Don


by gair
11 07/31/2004 01:48PM
Last Post by Don

Base URL problem

by Anonymous User
2 07/31/2004 09:43AM
Last Post by ts77

show smileys on subject

by ryoichi.sakurai
1 07/31/2004 06:05AM
Last Post by ryoichi.sakurai

PhpBB vc Phorum

by Mario
7 07/29/2004 10:54PM
Last Post by brianlmoon

being log in to post a message

by sam
2 07/28/2004 04:35PM
Last Post by ts77

Mailing List

by Johannes
2 07/26/2004 05:14PM
Last Post by ts77

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