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This forum was used for supporting Phorum 3 users. 
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by Joseph Csernik
6 06/09/2005 08:10PM
Last Post by Joe Csernik

Phorum language

by doka
5 06/09/2005 01:38PM
Last Post by doka

No login: cannot add header information

by Singultus
7 06/08/2005 10:49AM
Last Post by ts77

date_format again !

by Keith
3 06/02/2005 10:33PM
Last Post by ts77

mods and emails

by Tomaz
2 06/01/2005 09:31AM
Last Post by ts77

Body of messages in threads.php file

by Lorenzo Gasperoni
11 05/30/2005 05:10PM
Last Post by Lorenzo Gasperoni

Error uploading lang file

by natblog1
4 05/29/2005 11:08PM
Last Post by ts77

about Mail function setup?

by Kit
2 05/29/2005 07:58PM
Last Post by ts77

email address is not valid

by sailu_mvn
5 05/25/2005 10:03PM
Last Post by ts77

date, stampdate in the mysql table of the phorum

by mark43
3 05/24/2005 07:25PM
Last Post by mark43

Phorum install

by popey
4 05/24/2005 08:10AM
Last Post by sailu_mvn

strange loop login

by jf67
3 05/17/2005 06:45PM
Last Post by jf67

code snippet...

by edp
3 05/17/2005 03:45PM
Last Post by edp

Attachment doesn't work on Phorum 3.4.8a

by Kuncoro Irawan
5 05/16/2005 04:09AM
Last Post by Kuncoro Irawan

long line in the message table

by yakov
3 05/15/2005 06:01PM
Last Post by Mr. H

Problems with headers and footers

by Selam
3 05/13/2005 09:01PM
Last Post by Selam

admin login fails

by teake
2 05/12/2005 11:54PM
Last Post by ts77

mods dont get emails from mods

by Tomaz
4 05/10/2005 06:02PM
Last Post by ts77

Problem to edit posts

by Four Tet
4 05/09/2005 05:26PM
Last Post by bich

PHP version 4.3.10 & phorum3

by DaveAgainstTheMachine
2 05/06/2005 01:49PM
Last Post by ts77

admin bolding

by timg
8 05/03/2005 02:49PM
Last Post by ts77

Attachments just suddenly stopped working =/

by law
2 05/02/2005 01:02AM
Last Post by law

Threading graphics not appearing.

by Anton
5 05/01/2005 08:17PM
Last Post by Anton

How to remove the test forum

by paultjuh1980
2 04/30/2005 05:02PM
Last Post by ts77

Color scheme changes

by Valentin
3 04/28/2005 06:55PM
Last Post by Valentin

Language admin

by Bibi
4 04/27/2005 10:57AM
Last Post by ts77

Online poker ads

by Siri
4 04/22/2005 08:08PM
Last Post by ts77

Optimization of the database

by Kaj
2 04/22/2005 03:01PM
Last Post by ts77

trouble in admin

by Johnson Woo
3 04/08/2005 01:18AM
Last Post by Johnson Woo

About The XML page cannot be displayed??

by kit
2 04/06/2005 05:58PM
Last Post by ts77

forum doesnt remember unregistered users email addresses when they reply???

by John Schlesinger
3 03/30/2005 12:38PM
Last Post by ts77

Where do I set forum_url?

by agropyron
3 03/29/2005 12:25PM
Last Post by ts77

how to set , when post answer

by dod
2 03/25/2005 11:19AM
Last Post by ts77

I need Phorum-3.0

by karanu
2 03/25/2005 08:27AM
Last Post by ts77

documentation for admin

by sonia
2 03/22/2005 07:05PM
Last Post by ts77

modders forum

by Anonymous User
2 03/21/2005 08:17PM
Last Post by ts77

List.php adds body margins

by Bob
2 03/20/2005 10:46PM
Last Post by ts77

Problems with Groups & Access

by Jens
4 03/19/2005 11:27AM
Last Post by ts77

img resized automatically

by WoP
2 03/19/2005 05:54AM
Last Post by Anonymous User


by lino
2 03/18/2005 10:38PM
Last Post by ts77

framing phorum

by timg
3 03/18/2005 09:34PM
Last Post by timg

"forum_settings/forums.php" not found

by Christophe
4 03/04/2005 06:52PM
Last Post by ts77

how to plugin Smiley

by cuong
2 03/04/2005 04:41PM
Last Post by ts77

Read only forum

by Mike
2 02/24/2005 03:48PM
Last Post by ts77

file attatchments

by timg
3 02/23/2005 10:08PM
Last Post by timg

Go To Top text

by timg
2 02/22/2005 08:05PM
Last Post by ts77

On install - Error: Could not connect to database.

by Tirus
2 02/21/2005 09:54PM
Last Post by ts77

new installation

by Jeff
2 02/16/2005 03:51PM
Last Post by Jeff

strange MySQL error

by Maarten
2 02/14/2005 11:27AM
Last Post by ts77

Phorum 3 - any known exploits?

by Buckie
2 02/12/2005 10:55PM
Last Post by ts77

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