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5.1 Phorum Hacks

Hacks are additions that require changes to the core Phorum code. While there is nothing wrong with a hack, it is recommend that you try and create a module if at all possible, as modules are easier to use for other people. 
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Embedding phorum in a web site   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by icaki
24 03/30/2005 10:20AM
Last Post by icaki

message.tpl madness

by noel
7 03/16/2005 08:52AM
Last Post by Panu

fixed forum-width but adjustable by user

by pat
1 03/08/2005 07:50AM
Last Post by pat

query forums to get list in order

by noel
2 03/07/2005 05:31PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

this could become an attachment-page hack Attachments

by pat
1 03/07/2005 02:57PM
Last Post by pat

Doing a log out

by supersole
5 03/04/2005 05:34AM
Last Post by supersole

this should be easy, but..

by noel
4 03/03/2005 10:52AM
Last Post by Brian Moon

Modorator Hack ?

by sammyfilez
7 03/02/2005 01:53PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

Best way to merge phorum's registration/login within another registration/login system?

by anis
6 02/12/2005 04:51PM
Last Post by SGershon

approve all messages

by michaelborchers
1 02/09/2005 04:19AM
Last Post by michaelborchers

user controlled templates?

by natebme
8 01/21/2005 08:12AM
Last Post by Krang

Move messages into another forum

by Clément
2 01/21/2005 04:46AM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Phorum 5.0.13a and PHP 4.1.2 Attachments

by Braunbaer
1 01/18/2005 07:31PM
Last Post by Braunbaer

accessing $PHORUM array in template??   (Pages: 1 2)

by asdfasdf4285
11 01/13/2005 11:15AM
Last Post by Panu

where could i get this template,

by zhangnan
3 12/28/2004 08:12PM
Last Post by zhangnan

Turn off shortened URLs

by magician
4 12/24/2004 02:44AM
Last Post by Trakman

Formatable signature   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Mensler
22 12/14/2004 12:29PM
Last Post by kAtremer

Add Real Name to unapproved list

by GatorQue
1 12/09/2004 06:38PM
Last Post by GatorQue

Move messages to other topic

by Avdoshyn Andrej
4 12/02/2004 12:40PM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Including a phorum page

by Steve Healy
5 11/30/2004 03:52PM
Last Post by ab

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