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If you are having a problem with Phorum in versions 5.1 or 5.0 (deprecated), this is the place to look for an answer. You can also find help in our chat room
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How do I adjust WIDTH in the Register signup box page?

by idunno
4,086 3 04/13/2008 08:26PM
Last Post by idunno

Blank Page in Phorum 3.4

by mikolaskova
4,786 4 04/12/2008 05:09PM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Private Message Inbox.

by john62
5,909 13 04/12/2008 06:23AM
Last Post by john62

Where would I find any documentation of the features in 5.1.25??

by idunno
4,231 3 04/12/2008 02:08AM
Last Post by idunno

How do I get the Attachment Feature to work in posts??

by idunno
4,034 6 04/11/2008 09:54PM
Last Post by idunno

How to filter out spams in Phorum?

by trevor
5,196 10 04/11/2008 10:23AM
Last Post by trevor

Search results show unapproved messages

by Marian
3,891 2 04/09/2008 05:19PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

Problem with Private Messages

by Moderator
4,085 4 04/05/2008 06:42PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Some users not getting email notifications

4,567 7 03/27/2008 03:18PM
Last Post by freedman

How do I change content of registration notify email?

by topicm
3,909 4 03/27/2008 05:12AM
Last Post by kellempxt

My phorum is used to send mail spam

by demoore
4,330 5 03/21/2008 03:34PM
Last Post by demoore

Attach files?

by gvwiberg
5,259 4 03/12/2008 09:52AM
Last Post by amnesia

Feeds won't validate

by Kal
4,152 2 03/10/2008 12:34AM
Last Post by Brian Moon

MySQL: replacing [img] and [/img] characters?

by Marian
3,876 3 02/29/2008 07:47PM
Last Post by Marian

Re: rss error

by metoo
3,794 2 02/25/2008 02:05AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

"new" icon doesn't show up on folder list

by Lammi41
4,246 3 02/18/2008 04:14AM
Last Post by Lammi41

Private messages & Censor List

by nikos
3,958 2 02/12/2008 05:30PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Dynamic template image path?

by JAB Creations
4,233 4 02/09/2008 04:29PM
Last Post by JAB Creations

How do I backup the messages on my phorum...?

by Daniel - Ireggae
4,436 2 02/06/2008 07:04PM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Forum upgrade 5.1 to latest not working

by mike60
4,557 13 02/01/2008 02:24PM
Last Post by Sophia

Link to moved thread in old location

by Mathew W.(rasta)
4,551 1 01/29/2008 05:03PM
Last Post by Mathew W.(rasta)

Help Please

by rayglend
3,650 4 01/22/2008 02:26AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Naming the database

by kennethkeen
3,539 2 01/22/2008 02:23AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Installing without a full access user

by Maelstrom
3,679 3 01/14/2008 02:32AM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Problem logging into admin, front end works though

by Bertrand Le Guern
4,102 3 01/13/2008 05:38AM
Last Post by Maurice Makaay

Closing thread automatically after some days

by cactux
4,568 6 01/12/2008 04:53PM
Last Post by cactux

Running PHP5 instead of PHP4 through .htaccess

by cletus1000
12,704 13 01/11/2008 08:33AM
Last Post by bilbonsacquet

mark read doesn't work

by Lammi41
5,018 6 01/11/2008 07:23AM
Last Post by Lammi41

MySQL Performance

by Dready
4,020 4 01/07/2008 07:25AM
Last Post by Thomas Seifert

Caching like hell?!

by Stage-O-Rama
4,072 6 01/04/2008 06:57PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

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